What are the Best Flower Colors for Sympathy?

Sympathy flowers hold a lot of significance when it comes to times of grief and loss. These floral arrangements exude solace, heartfelt emotions, and are a perfect way to express your condolences.

  • Flower Colors for Sympathy

Apart from the flower types, the color of sympathy flowers also has a vital role to play in adding to their symbolism. In this article, we will explore the connotation of different hues of sympathy flowers.

White - For Serenity and Purity

White is one of the most popular and suitable choices when it comes to choosing sympathy flowers. These timeless picks are a symbol of peace, innocence, and purity. They create a soothing aura with a touch of serenity, making them a heartfelt choice for somber occasions. Some of the most elegant white sympathy flowers include roses, lilies, carnations, and chrysanthemums. They’re commonly used in funeral centerpieces, standing sprays, and wreaths. Any sympathy flower delivery is virtually incomplete without the addition of white flowers.

Blue - For Tranquility and Sympathy

Blue flowers are the epitome of peace, tranquility, and stability. As sympathy flowers, the deep shades of blue exude a sense of empathy, comfort, and support. Irises, hydrangeas, and delphiniums are some of the most popular blue flowers to express your sincere emotions. They provide a calming and soothing effect, helping the grieving family and friends feel comfort. They’re a symbol of compassion and unwavering support.

Lavender - For Sorrow and Grace

The graceful and delicate tones of lavender is another exquisite choice for sympathy flowers. Lavender strikes the perfect balance of sorrow and elegance. They’re a symbol of refinement and femininity. Roses and Lisianthus are two of the most popular choices as sympathy flowers in lavender. These floral arrangements are a perfect way to express your heartfelt condolences toward the grieving family and offer them love and support. For Levittown flower delivery, order online from BethPage Florist.

Pink - For Love and Compassion

The color pink, for sympathy flowers is a compassionate choice as it represents affection and tenderness. Blush pink roses, lilies, and carnations are some popular choices for sympathy flower arrangements. They help in providing healing and support to the grieving family. With their gentle tones, pink flowers also bring a sense of warmth and understanding while paying a graceful tribute to the departed soul.

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Yellow - For Warmth and Remembrance

Although yellow is generally associated with meanings of joy, excitement, and happiness, it is also a radiant choice as sympathy flowers. It represents optimism, remembrance, and friendship. You can choose subdued shades of yellow while choosing a sympathy flower arrangement to maintain the right tone. Roses, daffodils, and gladioli are some of the most comforting and heartwarming yellow flowers.

Purple – For Respect and Loyalty

The color purple in flowers holds spiritual significance. It is a symbol of respect and dignity. As sympathy flowers, presenting a purple floral arrangement helps you express healing and offer solace to the mourners. Some sturdy purple blooms include irises, hydrangeas, and lisianthus. Purple sympathy flowers also serve as a reminder of the well-lived life and legacy of the departed soul.

The color of a sympathy flower has a great impact on its significance and symbolism. Whether you choose the serene whites, tranquil blues, graceful lavender, elegant pink, or heartwarming yellow, these colors will help you in conveying your heartfelt emotions while providing comfort to the ones in grief. Bethpage Florist is one of the best florists in Plainview NY offering doorstep delivery. Order now!

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