5 Reasons Why Farm Direct Flowers Are Better

Getting anything directly from its source is always a relief, you are sure of the quality, type and mechanisms followed. Something similar happens to flowers and plants. When you get directly from the farm the quality is much better and you also get a lot of variety to choose from. All these plants are super easy to take care of and begin your plant journey.

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Here is a list of reasons from Bethpage Florist along with flower recommendations for you -


Farm direct flowers are sustainably maintained and produced. Plant waste is recycled and reused. You can get peace lily plants direct from the farm. Peace lily looks great and works well with indoor settings. Peace lily has green leaves and white flowers as well which are shaped like a cup. These plants and flowers are sustainably grown and propagated. Another option is to go with orchid blooms. These come in plants form a bear purple blooms every now and then.

Ethically sourced

These plants are ethically grown and sourced. They are grown organically in their natural environment. Another one in the list of farm fresh flowers is parlor palm plant. This is a bushy plant with long thin leaves. This plant is great to clean the air as it purifies it from formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. Yet another plant that cleans up your air is spider plant. It is a bushy plant which is super easy to take care of.

Better variety

With farm fresh bouquets you will get so many more options than just a handful. From roses to carnations, from orchids to sunflowers. You can get your hands on a fresh money tree plant. Money tree plant is beautiful and super green that looks like a mini tree in a pot. Money tree plant symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and positive energy. Another similar lucky plant is the bamboo plant which needs minimum watering and is known for being lucky and having good energies.

Get it delivered

Get farm flower delivery in Bethpage at your doorstep with fresh flowers and unique designs. You can get a dish garden for yourself or send farm fresh flowers to someone. In this dish garden you will find croton, jade plant, pothos, panda plant and more. Another dish garden variant is a combination of succulents like aloe vera, cactus, senecio and echeveria.

Get only the best

When you get your flowers directly from the farm you can be 100 percent sure of the quality. A great every pick would be snake plant, Philodendron plant, Calathea plant and more. You can also go with a money plant, string of beads, donkey's tail and the list goes on.

Get these farm direct plants from Florist Levittown NY with numerous designs and types. Pick the one that suits your space and needs. Get these flowers and more from flower shops in Plainview NY. Flowers and plants bring you closer to nature and create a healthy environment so it is a must to have a plant buddy around.

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