Top Summer flowers that don't require water all the time

Explore our top picks of summer flowers that thrive with minimal watering. From drought-tolerant Lavender to vibrant Sunflowers, discover low-maintenance blooms perfect for your garden. Enjoy a beautiful summer garden with less watering hassle.

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Summer is a season that produces beautiful flowers and trees bearing lush green leaves, however, it can present adverse conditions for instance dried-up guts and extremely high temperatures. Sure, if you aim to fix a beautiful garden but you do not want to spend so much time routinely watering flowers then the use of drought-tolerant flowers is essential. These flowers not only survive hot and dry conditions but blossom in them; after they have been planted, they do not need frequent watering. Here’s a guide to some of the top flowers for the summer season that do not need frequent watering:


Lavender flowering plants in summer are employed for the bright purple spikes and their capacity to endure drought-like weather. The lavender plant requires no watering once established and it’s water-wise which means it almost doesn’t need water. Gregg’s love bright sunlight and it is more suitable for the diet-rich, well-draining soil of the Mediterranean and arid zones.

Blanket Flower

Blanket flowers are rather unpretentious and have a rather Cheerful look and are available in red, orange, and yellow resembling daisies. These plants available with florist Plainview NY will not dry up quickly, which is an advantage during the dry season; they also attract butterflies and bees. Listing some of the features of this plant, blanket flowers can be categorized as a plant that requires full sun and well-drained soils as it grows best in hot and dry environments.

Russian Sage

The plant that is scientifically known as Perovskia atriplicifolia is commonly called Russian sage because of the place of its origin and has silver-grey, highly scented foliage and produces umbels of lavender blue. It is comparatively, xerophytic and the plant thrives well when the sun is out during the day. Russian sage is also a little touch to the garden borders as it hardly needs water once it grows up.


Coneflowers are fairly hardy and bloom with daisy-like flowers in pink, purple, and white colors. These plants are xeriscape, meaning that they are very suitable for areas with low rainfall frequency; they encourage pollination by butterflies and bees. Coneflowers require full sun exposure but will accept a little shade during rip-roaring sun in some regions.


It is trailing, with small, vivid flowers in clusters of various purple, pink, red, and white colors. The plant is also one that is adapted to warm and dry conditions; the locations and climates that are characterized by drought. Verbena is suitable for baskets, pots or as a border plant or an under-planting in xeriscape gardens.

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Yarrow is a perennial plant that grows easily and has flat-topped flowers that vary from yellow, pink, and red to white. after it has stabilized it is rather resistant to dryness and prefers full sunlight. Yarrow is good for attracting beneficial insects and creates a splash of color at the edges of gardens and meadows still containing wildflowers.


Stonecrops are succulent perennials available at florist Levittown NY that have thick leaves and small star-like flowers in the colors of pink, white, yellow, and red. It is rather drought-adapted as it is very heat-loving and also not very sensitive to water shortage. Sedums are very useful in rock gardens, pots or even as a base cover.


Marigolds are annual flowers that grow up to one year with brightly colored flowers ranging from orange, and yellow to red. It is xerophytic in nature and fruit bears easily by seeds. The plant is robust, flourishes in full sun and prefers soils that are well-drained; this has the Marigolds used for borders, containers, and vegetable gardening purposes.


Gazanias are comparatively small-growing plants that are perennials that bloom with daisy-like flowers, which are yellow, orange, pink, and white in color. They do not require much water hence favors dry areas and areas that receive a lot of sunlight. More so, gazanias are perfect for rock gardens, coastal gardens, or even as a ground cover in areas with dry weather.

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed is a perennial plant that belongs to the milkweed family and is characterized by orange flower clusters that are known to be butterfly’s favorite plants. Once established, it is drought adapted and perfect for a location with full sun exposure. Despite its common name and reputation for being rather ‘wicked’, butterfly weed is best suited in wildflower gardens and prairie meadows.

Selecting flowers at Bethpage Florist that are appropriate for the summer seasons and which do not necessarily require frequent watering also saves on water as well as the time that would be spent watering the flowers. These are plants that would bloom cheerfully even with minimal water ration; colors range from bright to pastel, and they have the added advantage of attracting friendly insects to your garden. They can be situated either perennials such as lavender and coneflowers or annuals for instance marigolds and gazanias thus adding these low-maintenance plants would guarantee a lovely and sustainable garden throughout the summer season.

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