7 Flowers To Send To Your Loved Ones

Flowers are our best friend, nothing better to brighten your day than getting a bunch of these beautiful and happy flowers.

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If you would like to send across a package of love, warmth, care on a gloomy day or just like that then flowers are the way to go. Receiving and sending flowers are both a joyful experience to have. Sending flowers to someone is a kind experience that makes each of you happy.

Send flowers to someone from this list below and surprise them with flower delivery in Bethpage, NY-


A lovely flower that comes in various colors of yellow, white and purple. Orchids are a popular pick for every day flowers. You can go for a combination of Cymbidium Orchid with diller leaves and tropical foliage. Another great combination would be of the same type of flower but with hydrangeas and filler leaves arranged in a cylindrical glass vase lined with leaves. 


A not so common flower and an underrated one, ranunculus is a lovely alternative to carnations and roses. These are found in various sizes and colors. Ranunculus looks amazing and has a symmetry on another level. The round petals one over each other look incredible. For this you can go for a combination of roses, gerbera daisies, carnations and fuchsia stock. 

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What can beat a rose? Nothing at all a classic flower with endless possibilities. Roses are just ruling the fresh cut flower kingdom since ages now. Roses are pretty common so to make your bouquet extraordinary you can go for a combination of orange roses, pink snapdragons, pink alstroemeria, purple limonium, leatherleaf ferns and some more greens. 

Green mums

These flowers are again one of a kind, green chrysanthemums are unique finding green flowers are not an easy find. To get this bouquet going you can put pink roses, carnations, green mums, red carnations together. Organize this in a round bowl. 


A summer special, sunflowers are big, bold and beautiful. Sunflowers are yellow, with black contrasting center. For this you can either go for a bunch of sunflowers tied with a ribbon for a carefree look. Or you can combine together a bunch of sunflowers and red roses. 


A royal flower that looks and feels just wonderful, hydrangeas again can be clubbed together with an existing bouquet or can be given just like that by themselves. Hydrangeas are like a fluff ball and have blooms all over. You can go for a bunch of hydrangeas ofcourse, purple iris, delphinium and corn flower. 


A spring exclusive, tulips come in a variety of colors all vibrant and sweet. Tulips have an egg-like shape, and grow one bloom each on every stem. You can go for an assorted bunch of tulips on a vase or wrapped up. You can add daffodils to this bunch for a spring special. 

Flowers are just amazing and giving flowers is a sweet gesture which is always appreciated. You can order your flower bunch online and surprise your loved ones with Bethpage florist. We also deliver flower in Plainview

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