What flowers bloom all spring and summer?

Flowers bloom all year round and fill our sight with wonderful colors and admirable shapes. But just when the frost is all gone and the sun rises all bright and shiny. We welcome spring with all freshness all ready to take charge of our life.

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Spring is complete without picnics, family trips and flowers. Just as the seasons change, new flowers bloom and fill us with joy. Exchanging flowers in spring has been a long tradition, with fresh flowering popping around us. Flowers are a significant part of changing seasons because of the festivals that are celebrated. From Easter to Father’s day and Pentecost to Assumption of Mary. All these occasions come around spring and summer. You would need flowers to decorate, exchange as a token of appreciation and devotion, or maybe just like that.

Here is list of flowers that bloom all summer and flowers for spring season-

  • Daffodil

This is the first flower that blooms in spring after the long winter. Daffodils are known for their bright yellow color and unique star shape. Scientifically known as Narcissus, this flower got its name from a Greek Myth of a person of the same name. Apart from being associated with a Greek myth this flower has deep spiritual symbolism it is known for rebirth and new beginnings.

  • Crocus

Growing close to the ground, these tiny purple flowers seem fragile. But they hold the world's most expensive spice known as Saffron. Not all species of this flower bear this spice, but they sure do look delicate yet full full intricate details. Crocus are known to symbolize joy, devotion and rebirth.

  • Tulips

Tulips start to bloom during late spring. And make great Birthday flowers for the season. With their cup-like shape and round petals they look mesmerizing. Tulips come in various colors, you can exchange this flower on Easter and other festivals. Get your hands on an assorted bunch that will symbolize perfect love. Another great choice for flowers for spring.

  • Hyacinth

With clusters of tiny flowers, Hyacinth is a colorful flower that blooms in spring. Different colors of Hyacinth represent different meanings like purple represents forgiveness and regret. White ones symbolize love and prayers for someone. Red Hyacinth symbolizes play time.

  • Iris

Another small flower that grows during spring, these can be seen in groups and look amazingly mesmerizing like a field of iris. Present in various colors, purple iris symbolism is that it means royalty, Blue ones symbolizes faith and hope. White iris symbolizes purity. These were some popular spring flowers.

  • Lilies

These are of various types, shapes and colors. Lilies have been a long sorted flower for any flower arrangement especially for the summer. Known for their divine looks and bold presence lilies symbolize peace, and cheer.

  • Marigold

All bright and poppy, marigold is fluffy and long lasting this represents the summer in all ways possible. Marigold symbolizes power, strength, and positive light. This is one of the best flowers for summer.

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