Choosing the right Christmas Plants for your Home

Christmas is all about being together, feeling content, blessed and having faith. This Christmas go the eco-friendly way and choose plants for your house decoration. Choosing eco - friendly ways for your Christmas decor is also a great way to stand out from others.

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Here is a list from your own Bethpage Florist of Christmas plants -

Number 1 - Holiday Poinsettia

Buying a plant of holiday poinsettia for christmas is a great way to add a festive touch to your home. This traditional christmas flower symbolizes good cheer, and is sure to bring joy to any home during the christmas season. If you are not sure whether to buy this plant, waiting for the flowers to bud open, you can buy poinsettia.

Number 2 - Peace Lily Plant

A flowering plant that looks gorgeous and bears white flowers, peace lily as its name suggests is symbolic to peace and goodwill. This plant has long dark green leaves. This plant grows up to 2-3 Feet. Making it perfect for living room nooks and corners. This plant needs bright indirect sunlight with a moist soil. You must not drown the soil in water, just let it retain some moisture. Peace lilies are also super easy to find and you can get them from any flower shop of farmingdale.

Number 3 - Amaryllis

This is one of the best Christmas flowers to have around the house. It is red, with pretty looking petals. Looks lovely with other Christmas themed decorations and needs basic care. This requires bright sunlight so place it in a sunny spot indoors along with that water regularly whilst keeping the soil moist and happy. Amaryllis are gorgeous and symbolize passion and love.

Number 4 - Money Tree Plant

This is an evergreen plant, a miniature tree with somewhat long pointy leaves all over. Money tree also requires minimal care and is easy to take care of. During winters mist the plant regularly as it does well in Humid conditions with less water than usual. Give this plant all the warmth it can get by placing it in direct sunlight. Money tree is known to be a symbol of nobility and auspiciousness.

Number 5 - Orchid Planter

You can go with a potted orchid plant this Christmas. Orchids come in a variety of types and you can go with Phalaenopsis orchids since they come in vibrant colors like purple and also white. This plant right here bears these magnificent flowers that have great detail to them. Orchids symbolize thoughtfulness, refinement, beauty and charm.

Number 6 - Pothos Pole

Commonly known as Devil’s Ivy, this plant has perfected leaves with a pattern on them. This plant does well in indirect bright sunlight when indoors and the leaves tend to hang down. They need water only when the whole soil completely dries out. Pothos might have a slow growth during winter to give it more sun for added warmth. The plant will gear up its growth as soon as spring hits.

These indoor plants are super easy to take care of and widely available at flower shops in Plainview NY. So you can definitely get your friends and family some amazing flowers and plants this season.

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