What Your Birth Month Flower Means?

We all know our zodiac signs, lucky numbers etc but most of the time we are unaware of the birth flower of our own and also of our dear ones. Just like sighs, numbers, elements, our birth flower also tells us about the personality of an individual and your lucky flowers.

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Here is a list of birth flower by month from Bethpage Florist for you -


The birth flower of the people born in the cold month of january is carnation. This birth month flower is also referred to as dianthus, gillyflower. This double layered frilly flower coms is wide variety of colors just like a rainbow. Purple, pink, red, yellow, white and sometimes even in green color. Carnations are a symbol of tranquility, affection, and remembrance.


The next birthday flower month of february are violets. These blooms with 3-4 petals and heart shaped leaves have two tone color effect and mostly come in lovely colors of purple. The violet flower also comes in the shade of yellow, blue and cream colors. Violet is a symbol for spiritual knowledge, compassion, and love.


With the onset of spring comes the month of march and the birth flower for march is Daffodil. This flower is lively with mildly fragrant blooms. Daffodil blossoms have six petals and a trumpet-shaped center, with long, flat leaves. This flower comes in colors like bright yellow and white, which you can find at the flower shop of farmingdale. Daffodils are a symbol of renewal, optimism, and faith.


As the summer starts to enter, the birth flowers of April which are daisies tend to flourish everywhere. This flower in Levittown NY is a perfect representation of the summer time vibe. Daisies have numerous long, flat petals with a yellow disc in the center. The flower daisy stands for joy, purity, and innocence.

Did you know - People born in april are very fun loving and always brighten others day with their beautiful nature.


The birth flower of May is the lily of the valley flower that starts to bloom in the spring and lasts till late summer. lily of the valley bell-shaped white flower with its head facing downward. This delicate flower symbolizes happiness, purity and chastity.


For the month of June we have a flower that is a forever symbol of love.Roses are a classic flower with smoothly packed petals present in a wide range of colors. This flower symbolizes passion, love and grace

Did you know - People born in the month of june are quite romantic and now you know why!


For the month of July the flowers that have been designated are larkspur. Larkspur also known as delphinium has bright colored blooms over tall spikes. This symbolizes an open heart and romance.

Did you know - People born in the month of july have a great sense of humor and a charming personality.


Up next is the gorgeous gladiolus which is the birth flower of April. Gladiolus has a tall stem with opened up blooms attached to it.Gladiolus comes in various colors like white, yellow, pink, lavender, burgundy, purple. This symbolizes victory and strength

Did you know - People born in August are leaders and have unmatched strength.


The flower dedicated to the month of September is Aster. This lovely flower comes in a number of hues, including orange, red, white, pink and purple tones. This flower got its name because of its shape that resembles a star. The aster represents power, wisdom, and love.


Here is fall month and its birth flower comes in color that will remind you of the colors of fall. Marigold which is commonly orange, bright yellow colored with a rustic tone. Marigold is a double headed flower with ruffled petals. This October flower stands for creativity, passion and courage.


For the month of November the birth flower is marvelous. Its petals gradually roll out and give full bloom. This flower is a chrysanthemum also known as mums. This flower comes in pink, white, purple, yellow and red colors. Chrysanthemums are a symbol of well-being, happiness and harmony.

Did you know - People born in the month of november are generally honest and kind.


Here we are on the last month of the year. The birth flower for December is Narcissus, which is visually captivating because of its six flat petes with a trumpet shaped on top like a crown. A Greek deity who fell in love with his own reflection inspired the name of the Narcissus. They are thought to stand for renewal and rebirth.

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